About Social Geek Radio

Social Geek Radio was listed as one of the Best Small Business Podcasts by FitSmallBusiness.com 


Get in touch with your inner geek with Deb Evans, President Deb Evans Consulting and Jack Monson, Global Head of Strategic Accounts, Manalto.

Listen in each week as they discuss the use of social technologies on today’s Web for business. Join them along with special guests as they talk about utilizing the various social technology platforms to connect with other and build a community. If you think you enjoy technology just as much as you do relationships, this show is for you. Listen weekly, Wednesday 5pm PT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET.

 About the Hosts

Deb Evans is the founder of Social Geek Radio and has been podcasting on Social Geek Radio since May 2010! She established Deb Evans Consulting, LLC, coaching and consulting business owners and organizations to navigate today’s social technology world.  Due to the changes and the way messages are delivered today, becoming a digital leader is more important than ever. YOUR message to your community needs to be relevant, timely and via the proper social platforms.

Jack Monson is a seasoned social media marketer, franchise marketer, brand journalism, corporate communications and public relations. He is the Director of Digital Strategy at Qiigo. Qiigo unifies digital marketing for national brands and their locations. Qiigo’s mission is to build brand unity and success by helping businesses get found locally. Through superior service and a comprehensive technology platform. Qiigo solidifies relationships with clients and provides them with successful, measurable and manageable results. As a Digital Expert, Qiigo is always listening, making suggestions, and providing critical feedback for future success. With Qiigo, businesses can unlock their digital potential.

Deb and Jack are co-founders of FranTech, formerly known as FranCamp. FranTech is IFA’s (International Franchise Association) annual Digital Marketing and Technology Conference. They serve on IFA’s Marketing and Technology Committee and Deb is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE).


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