Technology For The Next Generation Customer

Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson are joined by guest Tim Tang, Director Enterprise Retail Solutions for Hughes Network Systems. Tim attended his first  IFA (International Franchise Association) convention. Deb and Jack asked what surprised him most about his attendance. He replied that he attends several conferences a year but said that the 2016 franchise convention was his first experience to attend a conference on such a large scale with an opportunity to engage with attendees, including franchise executives, that were warm and welcoming. Tim also said, “that after a course of a few days he received many years of insight on how franchising works.”

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What’s Your Blue Goldfish?


Stan Phelps, 9 Inch Marketing and Evan Caroll, Evan Carroll and Associates join Social Geek Radio host Jack Monson to discuss their new book release.  Blue Goldfish: Using Technology, Data, and Analytics to Drive Both Profits and Prophets is based on a collection of over 300 case studies. The book examines the 3 R’s: Relationships, Responsiveness and Readiness.

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Conference Attendance Tips


This week on Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans, President Deb Evans Consulting  and Jack Monson, Global Director Manalto Social Media share tips on what to do after you register to attend a conference or convention. Registration is just the first step. Deb and Jack provide preparation tips before, during and after attendance.

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Social Media Alignment Strategies


Social Geek Radio  guest Debbie Harvey, Vice President, Marketing Strategies and Operations with the American Medical Association shares tips to Identify and implement best practices to align enterprise communications and marketing.

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Give to Grow: 9 Principles for Conscious Business, Social Media and Life


Shelley Roth, author of Give to Grow joined Deb Evans and Jack Monson to discuss the process of using self-publishing platforms, book launch campaigns and a sneak peek to her nine principles mentioned in her book.

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