Pinot’s Palette Franchise Shares How They Are Relaunching Their Brand

Social Geek Radio went on the road to visit Pinot’s Palette new headquarters office. Craig Ceccanti, Co-Founder of Pinot’s Palette and CEO, along with Natalie Wells, Creative Director and Jacqueline Deavenport, Director of Marketing talk with SGR hosts about the brand and the relaunch process.

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Facebook Live For Brands And Businesses

Nick Powills, Chief Brand Strategist at No Limit Agency and Founder 1851 Project joins Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson. Nick shares why Facebook Live video streaming should be part of each brand and/or business social media strategy.
Why should brands and/or businesses use the latest Facebook technology, Facebook live video streaming? Should marketers use Facebook’s newest video streaming simply because it is Facebook? Or should it be considered since it is a live video streaming service that broadcasts directly to your Facebook stream where you are most likely to get the most attention?

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Using Social Media for Franchise Lead Generation

Scott Thompson – Vice President, Franchise Development, Premium Franchising Brands joined Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson sharing great tips on using social media for franchise lead generation.

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Millennials, Franchising and Video

Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans (Deb Evans Consulting, LLC) and Jack Monson (Manalto, Inc.) were joined by Mike Ackley, Franchise Writer and Josh Harrell, Franchise Video Storyteller for Brand Journalists.

Brand Journalists is the premier franchise lead generation firm in the US. Since 2008, they have worked with over 50 franchise brands, creating breakthroughs in sales results, generating cost effective franchise campaigns and building some of the highest performing franchise recruitment websites in the industry.

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