Digital Trends

Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans, President Deb Evans Consulting, LLC and Jack Monson, Digital Director, Qiigo invited Jim Buckley, Director, Digital Product Strategy at Valpak Holdings to be a guest on Social Geek Radio to discuss digital trends.

Jim Buckley is the Director Digital Product Strategy for Valpak Holdings where he is responsible for assisting with the support of the sales of Valpak digital products through their franchise operations as well as the internal Digital Agency Team. Buckley also assists with the identification and evaluation of technologies for incorporation into the company’s product offering and their presentation to the Senior Team.

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Social Geek Radio 2016 Review

We had another great year and look forward to 2017!

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Lessons Learned at FranTech

Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans (Deb Evans Consulting, LLC) and Jack Monson (Qiigo, Inc) are joined by FranTech attendees to share key takeaways.

FranTech attendees Anthony Antonicello, Business Development Manager at Delivra and Jillian Koeneman, Vice President of Marketing at Ben’s Soft Pretzels share several of their key lessons learned during their attendance.

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Tutor Doctor Franchise, Social Media and Social Projects

Frank Milner, President Tutor Doctor joins Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson to share Tutor Doctor’s philosophy¬†“everyone can learn.” Frank tells Deb and Jack how marketing co-ordinator, Michelle Morris, is traveling to Kenya to build a school for deaf children as part of Project Riandu. He also shares how his brand of strong franchisees¬†enhances the growth of the brand and uses social media.

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